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Meet Nicholas

CX professional and technology pacesetter, teaching students to move Maine forward and coaching agents to create the best banking experiences in the State of Maine!

Nicholas MacDonald works every day to coach and guide agents to create the most exceptional banking experience in the State of Maine and teaching students to move Maine forward. 


His responsibilities include leading & coaching the Customer Service Agents, fostering an exceptional customer experience, and continuous R&D to increase efficiencies and improve CX. 


Through coaching agents, Nick fosters a culture that includes a positive attitude, sense of urgency, family-first philosophy, community involvement, effective leadership, employee engagement & teamwork, and relationship building. On top of this culture, the customer service team at Machias Savings is built on employee empowerment and growth. Each employee is empowered to create creative solutions to a customer’s situation. This empowerment is what allows the agents at Machias Savings to develop a truly exceptional experience. This type of experience may be as simple as building a conversation around recent activity on someone’s account or as in-depth as sending the customer a gift from their favorite store. The drive for growth at Machias Savings Bank’s contact center doesn’t stop at the employee’s current job description. If an agent wishes to learn about mortgage lending, small business banking, or financial planning the door is open for them to explore. 


Nick is a creator at heart which lends well to continuous R&D to increase efficiencies and improve the customer experience. He has an innate ability to see when a process is not employee or customer-focused. An excellent example of this is the contact center at Machias Savings Bank that has used siloed systems for communication for approximately 8 years. Over the past year, he has led a project to unify these channels and add additional channels to create a true omnichannel experience. This will not only add employee efficiencies, but it will also improve the customer experience by increasing agent availability across all channels. One key process improvement strategy that Nick maintains is that not all improvements need to be big, small incremental changes can add up quickly and greatly improve both the customer and agent experience. 


Nick holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and MBA in Finance and Information Systems from Ashford University. 

Be present, listen to others, and always know that everyone has a story. 

Nicholas MacDonald


Why Nick?

Nick has the heart of an ambassador and walks the talk of customer experience. True exceptional customer service doesn’t stop at the business threshold. “Replacing a customer’s lost card? That’s not exceptional. That’s expected…. Helping someone find a veterinarian on a Saturday? Pumping a customer’s gas that you ran into during a Downeast snowstorm? Replacing someone’s debit card in the grocery store line? That’s exceptional. He gets to know his customers. He makes connections, he really listens, and then he helps to make dreams happen, whatever they may be. 

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