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Meet Nicholas

Dedicated CX Professional, Technology Innovator, and Academic Leader | Teaching the Next Generation to Drive Maine's Future | Building Sustainable Small Businesses | Expert in Unique Customer Experiences!

Nicholas D MacDonald is a dynamic professional with an extensive educational background and diverse finance, education, and technology expertise. Holding an MBA in Finance and Information Systems, a bachelor's degree in Organizational Management, and the Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional (FPQP) certification, he seamlessly integrates financial expertise with strategic organizational insights.

As a dedicated educator, Nicholas serves as a Lecturer of Small Business Management at the University of Maine at Machias, contributing to students' academic growth and success. Beyond academia, he is a local business consultant and financial coach with Unique Truth, offering valuable guidance to individuals and businesses. In the technology sector, Nicholas serves as a consultant with C-Lect Consulting, leveraging his skills to optimize operational functions and enhance customer experiences.

Nicholas wears many hats outside the workplace, imparting horsemanship lessons at Whispering Pine Riding Stable, teaching computer science at Machias Memorial High School, and managing a small homestead with Nigerian Dwarf Goats, chickens, ducks, and geese. His diverse interests, including horse training, kayaking, traveling, camping, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, and painting, reflect a rich and vibrant personal life that complements his professional endeavors. Additionally, he holds a Class A commercial driver's license, showcasing his versatility and commitment to excellence.

In his commitment to community service, Nicholas is actively engaged as Interim-Chair of the Board of Directors of Downeast Community Partners, Treasurer of Whispering Pine Equine Alliance, Member of the Business Studies Advisory Committee at Washington County Community College, Planning Board Member of Jonesboro, ME, and President of Washington County Extension Advisory Council. His involvement in various community roles demonstrates a profound dedication to social impact and empowerment. Additionally, Nicholas regularly contributes to public discourse by writing Letters to the Editor and OpEd pieces aimed at addressing the needs of disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Be present, listen to others, and always know that everyone has a story. 

Nicholas MacDonald


Why Nick?

Nick has the heart of an ambassador and walks the talk of customer experience. True exceptional customer service doesn’t stop at the business threshold. “Replacing a customer’s lost card? That’s not exceptional. That’s expected…. Helping someone find a veterinarian on a Saturday? Pumping a customer’s gas that you ran into during a Downeast snowstorm? Replacing someone’s debit card in the grocery store line? That’s exceptional. He gets to know his customers. He makes connections, he really listens, and then he helps to make dreams happen, whatever they may be. 

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