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Statement of True Self

Who is Nicholas MacDonald? What is Unique Truth?

I am a CX professional, technology pacesetter, entrepreneur, professor, husband, son, and professional speaker. While these are titles I hold, these titles are not what defines me. In my heart, I have a drive to help others. I am committed to having an open-minded view of everyone’s situation. I strive to be present in the moment, actively listen and know that everyone has a story. My core values include lifelong learning, understanding others’ feelings or motives, creativity, exploring or discovering, and appreciating excellence in all areas of life.

My personality drives me toward action and to help others continue to raise their own bar. A favorite quote of mine by Orrin Woodward encapsulates this well.

“Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.”

What makes you unique? Do you know? Are you living your truth? Let's talk.

Personal Drive

I am motivated to develop a happy and supportive environment at home with my husband. My entrepreneurial spirit drives me to grow our small farm with the help of friends and family. Continuous improvement is a must-have element in all areas of my life. I achieve this by building relationships through productive conversations focused on creating transparency, discovering and understanding one’s unique truth, or planning for future success. To develop and maintain personal mental and physical health, I work with livestock, and horses, meditate, read, spend time alone, paint, write, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I am driven to help others find clarity. This happens through problem-solving or studying individuals’ strengths to assist them in finding their direction. I do this by applying specialized training in Organizational Behavior and my innate curiosity and empathy. Using these skills to influence those that I work with assists them in discovering their path.

Helping Others

I want to help others understand their unique truth to live their life to their highest potential. Accomplishing my life’s mission consists of steering people to their truth, joy, success, or simply to a clearer understanding of themselves or others.

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